Enabling technologies
to realize their full

Our experienced operators have successfully commercialized numerous innovations – from early stage to over $1B in scale.

Large corporations invest billions in R&D, yet the majority of the value remains stranded within different programs or divisions. This is not due to any weakness in the technology, but often to shifts in funding or because technologies address markets outside the company’s focus. While consulting firms can help shortlist marketable innovations, they lack the ability to commercialize them. That’s where Catalyze Partners comes in. We leverage turnkey capabilities to spin out market-ready technologies into startup companies, enabling innovators to recoup R&D investment at no risk to their business.

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Recoup R&D Investments
Enjoy a new revenue stream from our royalty-based model or partial ownership in the startup.
Maintain Market Reputation
Catalyze takes on all the risk, enabling innovators to protect their brand and bottom-line.
Increase Employee Motivation
Increase Employee Motivation
Seeing products in market fosters innovation and ignites new ways to drive profits.
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For Innovators, Catalyze Is All Upside

Catalyze leaders are operators first and foremost. We understand the intrinsic nature of startups, what it takes to grow them into $100 million+ businesses,  and have successfully done so in numerous commercialization efforts, from early stages to over $1 billion in scale. Our repeatable model enables innovators to capitalize on their technology investments — whether acquired or through R&D — providing an avenue for otherwise stranded technologies to realize their full market potential.

Low-Risk, Low-Resource Investment

Our repeatable process for monetizing technology means Catalyze takes on all the work — securing funding, delivering market strategies, overseeing staffing and all the other critical elements that come with launching and growing a startup.

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More Markets and Future Ideas

Our diverse industry experience lends us insight into how technology might be expanded for use in broader markets, amplifying growth potential and value. This not only gives products new life, but it also helps to foster continued innovation and ignite new ways in which the business might drive profitability.
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Speed to Market and Monetary Gain

The investments corporations already have made in novel technologies coupled with our in-house abilities to raise capital, manage operations and market startups, enables Catalyze to take innovations to market quickly, which also speeds monetary gain for innovators.
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Continued Revenue Opportunities

Corporations can enjoy a new revenue stream from our royalty-based model or may select partial ownership of the startup and reap the rewards via dividends and upon sale of the business.
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R&D teams are challenged to push the boundaries of innovation, yet not all discoveries end up being aligned with changing corporate business objectives. These innovations fall into a valley of death where the corporation is ill-suited to successfully commercialize the technology to meet its full potential. Catalyze fills this gap and provides the corporations a way to monetize their substantial investments in R&D with little risk or effort.