Delivering high-
return potential
a lower-risk portfolio

Our goal is to build $100 million+ businesses that are sustainable for the long term.

Catalyze Partners launches and operates scalable businesses that commercialize innovative technologies secured from the world’s most creative global companies – on an accelerated timeline. Our investors access an exclusive portfolio of companies founded on these innovations that have been significantly derisked through prior corporate investment, delivering an ROI equal to or greater than traditional investment models.
Startup Costs
Unlike the auction process for coveted venture deals, Catalyze surfaces sidelined technologies that leverage significant prior corporate investment and derisks the startup costs.
Continued Value via Proprietary Deal Flow
Catalyze investors gain exclusive access to founder equity in unique technologies that are unavailable through traditional venture and private equity channels.
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How We’re Filling a Valuable Market Gap

Innovative corporate technologies often become stranded due to shifts in business strategy or because the technology addresses markets outside the company's focus. Catalyze’s unencumbered access to broader market segments and our uniquely structured relationships with Fortune 100 companies give us access to these technologies, which have had millions invested in their viability. This enables us to launch a new company that is ready to go to market with accelerated time-to-market traction.

Anatomy of the Catalyze Model

Our repeatable process for optimal monetization has been tested with dozens of clients and hundreds of assets as we have identified and launched a range of innovative technologies across industry sectors.

Innovative Partners

Our corporate partners are led by some of the brightest minds in their respective industries. They understand that successfully launching a startup requires a proven model, entrepreneurial know-how, and access to capital.

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Preinvested Assets

Our uniquely structured relationships with Fortune 100 companies gives us access to technologies that already have had millions invested in their viability, allowing us to accelerate time-to-market traction.
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Expanded Perspective

Our diverse industry experience and insight into how technology might be expanded for use in broader markets enables us to amplify financial growth and value to investors.
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Opportunistic Approach

Without any pre-conceived exit horizon, we have the flexibility to opportunistically sell a business or choose to grow it. 


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Most venture firms get involved with startup companies with little more than a term sheet and a presentation. Catalyze taps into a corporate base of clients who have often put tens of millions of dollars into de-risking their IP and forms fully functioning businesses with experienced operators to maximize the commercial impact.