Catalyze Dallas Appoints James Bendle as Partner

July 19, 2023

DALLAS (July 2023) – Catalyze Dallas has expanded the role of its Chief Financial Officer (CFO), James Bendle, to also include serving as a Partner for the company. Bendle was named CFO in 2021, and has deftly guided Catalyze by growing the portfolio companies that existed at that time, Alpine Advanced Materials and Metro Aerospace, and by playing a pivotal role in the successful launch of its most recent 2022 spinout, Almaden Genomics.


“It’s hard to imagine a time before James was part of our team,” said Joe D’Cruz, Co-founder and Managing Director of Catalyze Dallas. “His financial experience and leadership acumen make him a truly gifted executive, which is why we’re recognizing his influence inside the Catalyze organization, with our dozen-plus Fortune 100 clients, and with all of our investment partners. We’ve been lucky to work with him closely as a partner, and are pleased to now formally give him that title.”


Bendle joined Catalyze as its first CFO as the company was preparing to expand its portfolio. Before Catalyze, Bendle served as senior vice president of finance for space communications equipment company CesiumAstro. Prior to that, he was vice president of finance for the investment division of Silicon Valley-based Flex, where he negotiated investment and spinout agreements as the company monetized vast technology capabilities. Over his nearly three-decade career, he has built finance and investment organizations at companies ranging from startup to Fortune 50, demonstrating a penchant for incubating and growing businesses.


Assessing hundreds of technology assets and business units each year, Catalyze accelerates commercialization of the most promising intellectual property from the Fortune 100 to unleash the full value and potential of R&D investments in technology.


Bendle graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in Management and Finance, and is based out of Catalyze’s headquarters in South Side on Lamar in Dallas.


About Catalyze Dallas

Catalyze Dallas launches scalable companies that accelerate commercialization of intellectual property sourced from the world’s most innovative global corporations, monetizing significant investments in innovation. Partnering with more than a dozen of the most respected industry leaders, Catalyze assesses hundreds of technology assets and business units each year, selecting only the most promising for spin-out into entrepreneurial portfolio companies. Catalyze provides investors with founder’s ownership in the portfolio, a highly risk reduced and well priced investment model compared to traditional venture and private equity.