Catalyze Dallas Becomes Catalyze Partners

November 28, 2023

DALLAS (November 2023) – Catalyze Dallas has become Catalyze Partners, a name that better reflects the global focus of the company and its identity as a new alternative investment vehicle. Catalyze Partners acquires innovative, market-ready technologies from the Fortune 100 and transforms them into $100 million+ businesses. Investors in Catalyze Partners invest at the holding level and gain perpetual ownership of current and future portfolio companies. The new Catalyze Partners’ name, logo and website better reflect the value we bring to investors and our corporate partners.


“Since our founding in 2014, we have formed client relationships with multinational corporations (MNCs) that invest billions in R&D, giving us and our investors access to tremendously valuable high-technology IP that has unrealized potential,” said Joe D’Cruz, co-founder and managing director of Catalyze Partners. “Our new name speaks to the unique relationship we have as commercialization partners with the MNCs, and also with our investors who are founding partners in the portfolio as it grows.”


Catalyze Partners commercializes untapped innovations, bridging cutting-edge technologies and the commercial markets that drive profits and investor returns. Offering exclusive access to unique technologies unavailable through traditional venture channels, catalyze surfaces technologies with significant prior corporate investment that risk-reduces startup costs and accelerates time to market returns.


“Consulting firms help many corporations shortlist their untapped, yet marketable innovations, but lack the ability to commercialize them,” added D’Cruz. “And because traditional venture firms only back independent businesses with investable management teams, corporations had no monetization path for pre-revenue technologies — until Catalyze was founded.”


Catalyze has identified and launched a range of breakthrough technologies across industry sectors, already having built three successful companies: Almaden Genomics, which is accelerating the pace of discovery with a data analysis platform for genomic research; Alpine Advanced Materials, which delivers high-performance lightweight custom-engineered parts to defense, commercial aerospace, commercial space and emerging transportation industries; and Metro Aerospace, a leader in delivering certified 3D printed components to the aerospace industry.

About Catalyze Partners

Catalyze Partners launches scalable companies that accelerate commercialization of intellectual property sourced from the world’s most innovative global corporations, helping them to monetize significant investments in innovation. Partnering with more than a dozen of the most respected industry leaders, Catalyze assesses hundreds of technology assets and business units each year, selecting only the most promising for spin-out into entrepreneurial portfolio companies. Catalyze provides investors with founder’s ownership in the portfolio, a highly risk reduced, and well-priced investment model compared to traditional venture and private equity. For more information, visit